Zen Coaching

Finding Your True Voice
If time or location prevent you from taking part in a Zen Brush Workshop or you prefer individual coaching, Zen Coaching is a wonderful opportunity.

To fulfill our artistic destiny or even our destiny as human beings, we must let go of our conditioning and discover our True Voice. We need to find the unique Vision we, and we alone, were born to offer this world.

When we discover and release our unique Voice, our work takes on a magnetic attraction. We not only amaze our audience, but we constantly amaze ourselves. We have found not only our Voice, but our purpose in life. And the universe rewards us in ways we can't now imagine.

As much as anything else, this discovery is a spiritual transformation. Great art comes from inside. The mind alone can never create Great Art. It needs the heart and spirit. When you discover your True Voice, it is not only your art that takes a giant leap forward, your entire life does.

As an artist and Zen Coach, I've developed a series of techniques and tools that help other artists move through this challenging process. It is nothing less than the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

You don't need to be an artist to benefit from this process. It works as well for teachers and business owners as it does for artists, writers and musicians. True authenticity attracts. It's time to stop copying the Great Masters of old and become the Great Master the world has been waiting for.

If you're ready to stop crawling and spread your wings, I'm here to help you.

The first session is free. The only thing you have to risk are your own limitations. If you like what you experience, the next sessions are only $50 per hour. There's absolutely no obligation to continue if it's not what you want. Email me now to set up your free introductory Zen Coaching session.

Zen Coaching sessions can also be done in my studio if you're in the Boston area. The cost is the same.

When you email me, I will send you a Zen Coaching package with all the information you need to get started. It's helpful, but not necessary, if you send me a sample of your current work before our first session.

May you spread your wings and astonish the world.

Yours in Zen,

Email me now to set up your free introductory Zen Coaching session.

"I think this art is supported by the maturation of the inner process. What I've come to appreciate is when the self is not intruding, when one is resting in Emptiness, available, playful and not knowing, then what is greater than ourselves and includes ourselves can manifest through us."
Alok Hsu Kwan-han
Zen Artist




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