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Zen Art Store
Original Zen Brush paintings on T-Shirts, Mugs, Posters, Cards. Wear your Zen. Send your Zen to loved ones. 

Zen Articles
Free articles about Zen and Zen Art.

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Books on Zen and Zen Art.

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Brushes, Papers, Inks.

Buddha Boards
A wonderful Zen Brush tool for liberating your mind and releasing your creative potential. 

Zen Brush Workshops

The Zen Brush Workshop
Full day and half day workshops. Let the Zen Brush sweep your mind free of blocks and limiting self judgments. Evict your Inner Critic. Learn what your Inner Artist really wants to express. Whether you're an experienced artist or haven't held a brush since you were two, these workshops will inspire you. They're not about technique. They're about freedom. Find out what you can do when your options are suddenly unlimited. You will surprise yourself. And paint some amazing pictures.

Zen Coaching
Finding Your True Voice
Blocked, stuck or stagnating? Unable to move to the next level? Not living the life of your dreams? The demons of self-criticism hinder us all, writer, artist and accountant alike. They not only plague our creative work, but our jobs, relationships and self esteem too. How do we break through and find our unique and authentic voice and vision? How do we find that place where our creativity flows freely and effortlessly? How do we cut through the blocks and self-judgment that paralyze us and prevent us from moving to the next level? How do we reconnect to our vital, flowing life-energy? Individual coaching may be the answer. The first phone session is free.

Zen Meditation
Learn to Meditate
Meditation is the perhaps the most important tool for your inner journey. Millions of people have used meditation to improve their health, relationships and peace of mind. For centuries artists and writers have used it to find and develop their Inner Voice. It is the source of the great wisdom and compassion of all our spiritual masters.

There are many kinds of meditation. Brush Meditation is only one of them. I have taught meditation for many years in groups and to individuals. Try a free introductory session and see if it's right for you. 


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