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Most people today know about the many health benefits attributed to meditation. Basic meditation classes are now being offered at most hospitals. Some of the first meditation classes I taught were through the University of Massachusetts Hospital's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program.

Meditation does contribute to lower stress levels, increased happiness and peace of mind, and the relief of many health problems.

But meditation can go much deeper than that. It can touch a deeper and truer part of you than most people ever know. It can reveal your True Purpose and your intimate connection with all of life. To call this miraculous and life-changing is an understatement. 

As artists we're used to digging deep to find the source of our creative vision. But too often our conditioning gets in the way. What we think is our authentic essence is often only a series of past experiences and things we've learned from others. So we end up re-doing what's already been done. And this isn't only true of artists. We do it in business and in all walks of life. Without realizing it, we've become perpetual Xerox machines. And this is reflected throughout our society and culture.

When someone breaks through society's conditioning and expresses their True Authentic Self, people notice. And the whole culture moves forward.

Meditation can help you be that person. Certainly it can help with any health issues. It can make you happier and more peaceful. But the real treasure of meditation is to help you wake up and see life as it is. That's a rare gift in our society.

I teach many forms of meditation, from basic mindfulness practices to guided meditations and visualizations customized to your unique needs, and, of course, Brush Meditation.

I offer a free introductory demonstration session that can be done right over the phone or at my studio. There's no obligation to continue if you find it doesn't meet your needs. If you'd like to continue with further sessions, I only charge $50 per hour for each session. 

Email me to schedule your free introductory meditation demonstration.
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