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With their bold simplicity and vibrant energy, anyone who has seen these paintings in galleries or at my studio knows how great they look hanging on the wall. It didn't take me long to realize they look just as amazing on clothing.

Now you can wear your Zen. And look great doing it.

It's also probably the most affordable way to own one of my paintings other than the free print.

I've set up a store on Zazzle.com called Zen Art. Now you can pick your favorite painting and have it printed on a wide variety of clothing colors and styles. And also greeting cards, hats, ties, coffee mugs and most other things you can think of.

You can see the clothes on different models and in different poses, so you'll know what looks good on you. You can even customize the size and add your own words or message if you like. 

You can even buy prints and posters of the paintings at the Zen Art Store for less than I charge. The quality is good too. You won't have museum quality archival paper and ink. The prints won't be numbered or come with an artist's statement of authenticity. And the signatures will be digital copies of my signature. But, if price is a main concern, these are a very good deal.

I don't have every painting in the Zen Art store yet. If your favorite painting isn't there, just email me and I'll add it within a week.

I'm very excited about the Zen Art Store and I hope you will be too. I'm always looking for new ways to make my paintings as accessible as I can to everyone who will benefit from them.

For me, it's all about serving and helping people. So whenever I can find a way to reduce the costs to you I'm happy.

To go the Zen Art Store, simply click here:
Zen Art Store

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Now you can wear your Zen
Zen Art Store

Zen Clothing, Wearable Zen