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Brown Leaf

All things return back to the ground to become compost for new life. This includes our own human lives. What we do stays behind and effects all the lives that come after us. Will our actions produce rich and fertile soil that encourages life, growth and love?

We can learn a lot from leaves in this regard. All Spring and Summer they generously nurture the tree, supporting it with their energy. In the Fall, they selflessly give their lives to prepare the soil for the tree and all new life to come.

Can we say as much about our lives? Are we caring for and nurturing the planet that is our tree? Are we preparing fertile soil for those who will follow?

If we are aware, it would seem that we could do more. And we might even use a leaf or another aspect of nature as our guide.

It might be better than what we are doing now.

Just a thought.

If we listen carefully, there is so much that nature has to tell us.



Giclee print on archival museum quality paper.

8X10 unframed $65 / framed $130

11X14 unframed $85 / framed $165

13/19 unframed $105 / framed $200

Larger sizes available. Contact for prices.



Giclee print on archival museum quality canvas / gallery wrapped. Ready for hanging.

24 X 36 ... $325

Larger sizes available. Contact for prices.

To purchase, see contact information.

20% of purchase price is dontated to the Unified Buddhist Church, Plum Village, Blue Cliff Monastery and other Buddhist charities and spiritual centers.







Brown Leaf