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More Zen GalleryThese offer a different style of painting. Some may not think of them as Zen paintings the way they think of the other paintings on this website. But true Zen is not limited to one style of painting. Nor is it limited to one style of spiritual practice or one style of living.

True Zen is about life. This is why we can learn as much about Zen from an intimate encounter with a single leaf as we can from spending a hundred years studying every book ever written about Zen, wonderful as many of them are.

Even the best Zen books are still about ideas and concepts. Whereas the leaf, well, that's life itself.

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20% of the purchase price is donated to the Unified Buddhist Church, Plum Village, Deer Park and Blue Cliff Monasteries and other Buddhist Practice Charities and spiritual centers.

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 Bodhi Leaf Green Leaf
 Brown Leaf Fall