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Buddha Gallery

In this gallery you will find images of the Buddha in his recognizable iconic form and also images of the Buddha as pure energy.

As the Buddha teaches in the Diamond Sutra, "All that has form is an illusory existence. When the illusory nature of form is perceived, the Tathagata (Buddha) is recognized."

So which is the True Buddha?

If we asked Zen Master Joshu, he may reply, "The cypress tree in the courtyard."

The Buddha tells us in the Diamond Sutra that we can not recognize him in form.

If we can't recognize him by form, how might we recognize the Buddha? Many Zen Masters say we must first kill all our ideas of what Buddha is if we really want to see the Buddha.

The same thing can be said of God. 

The important thing is not whether we recognize the True Buddha or not, but how all this helps our lives.

May one of these paintings or even a cypress tree help you see the True Buddha. And, more importantly, may they help your life.

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20% of the purchase price is donated to the Unified Buddhist Church, Plum Village, Deer Park and Blue Cliff Monasteries and other Buddhist Practice Charities and spiritual centers.

Enjoy your journey.





 Red Buddha Green Buddha
 Zen Buddha One Laughing Buddha
 Zen Buddha Two Zen Buddha Three