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Laughing Buddha

This is a pen and ink drawing from my sketchbook. I've been drawing with the same quick, spontaneous bursts of energy the comes through me when I paint. It's more of an expression of energy than it is of form.

Or as I like to think of it, the substance behind the form.

As we know from Quantum Physics, everything is made of energy. Our eyes are very limited, so most of us only see form and not the energy that creates the form or surrounds the form. More recently Kirlian photography has actually been able to photograph a small spectrum of this energy. And for thousands of years healers have used this energy for healing. This is relatively new to us in the west, but we've been slowly catching on.

As with the paintings, some drawings actually seem to contain this energy and vibrate with it on the page.

See if you can feel that from this drawing. I know I do.



Giclee print on archival museum quality paper.

8X10 unframed $65 / framed $130

11X14 unframed $85 / framed $165

13/19 unframed $120 / framed $200

Larger sizes available. Contact for prices.



Giclee print on archival museum quality canvas / gallery wrapped. Ready for hanging.

24 X 36 ... $325

Larger sizes available. Contact for prices.

To purchase, see contact information.

20% of purchase price is dontated to the Unified Buddhist Church, Plum Village, Blue Cliff Monastery and other Buddhist charities and spiritual centers.







Laughing Buddha