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Calligraphy Gallery

Here you'll find brush calligraphy using the English alphabet and words. There will be more, but I think the word love is the perfect way to start. That one word sums up most of what I do in life and is a huge part of all these paintings. Maybe it's because I was born on Valentine's Day. 

I try to make each letter in the word express the feeling and meaning of the word. The L in the word love wraps its arms around the other happy, cozy letters creating a warm and loving hug. The Y in joy throws its arms up in the air in unbridled exuberance, while the O bounces joyfully in the middle. And the letters in the word dance dance.

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20% of the purchase price is donated to the Unified Buddhist Church, Plum Village, Deer Park and Blue Cliff Monasteries and other Buddhist Practice Charities and spiritual centers.

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 Love Joy
 Dance 1 Dance Two
 Red Love Red Joy