Doesn't this make you feel warm inside and bring a smile to your face. It does to me. When I talk about my connection to universal energy, I'm really talking about a very powerful feeling of unconditional love that flows through me and out of my brush.

Now maybe that's just me and I'm simply projecting what's inside me. On the other hand, throughout human history many of our spiritual leaders have said that unconditional love was the very substance of the universe itself.

Medical studies have shown that human infants will literally die without it. I don't think anyone can deny that love is a pretty good thing. And this world could use quite a bit more of it.

And that's up to us, isn't it?

Whether you buy or even like any of my paintings or not, may love fill your heart. And may you pass it on to many others. This is really how we heal ourselves, others and eventually the entire planet.

And besides, it's just such a nice way to live.

Can you feel it?

You will.



Giclee print on archival museum quality paper.

8X10 unframed $65 / framed $130

11X14 unframed $80 / framed $165

13/19 unframed $120 / framed $250

Larger sizes available. Contact for prices.



Giclee print on archival museum quality canvas / gallery wrapped. Ready for hanging.

24 X 36 ... $285

Larger sizes available. Contact for prices.

To purchase, see contact information.

20% of purchase price is dontated to the Unified Buddhist Church, Plum Village, Blue Cliff Monastery and other Buddhist charities and spiritual centers.







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