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All things that come into life must one day pass away. Most of us try to avoid this inevitable truth of life. But an interesting thing happens when we accept and embrace it.

Suddenly what is alive becomes more alive because we are aware that it will not last forever. Everything in our life becomes more precious. Our gratitude and love expand.

In fact, the entire quality of our life improves greatly simply because we are no longer struggling against the truth of life but flowing with it.

And maybe, when it is our time to move on, we can also do that gracefully and with gratitude and love, just like this little leaf.

If you have witnessed a passing like that yourself, you know what a beautiful, inspiring and precious gift it is to all who remain behind.



Giclee print on archival museum quality paper.

8X10 unframed $65 / framed $130

11X14 unframed $85 / framed $165

13/19 unframed $105 / framed $200

Larger sizes available. Contact for prices.



Giclee print on archival museum quality canvas / gallery wrapped. Ready for hanging.

24 X 36 ... $325

Larger sizes available. Contact for prices.

To purchase, see contact information.

20% of purchase price is dontated to the Unified Buddhist Church, Plum Village, Blue Cliff Monastery and other Buddhist charities and spiritual centers.