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Zen Combinations Gallery

Zen Brush painting is part of my story. And photography is another part.

Sometimes images seem to call to each other. Although created at different times and places and with different media, they seem to be waiting for each other to create a deeper meaning together.

By combining certain Zen Brush paintings with certain photographs, they seem to be saying, "Here's what you see and here's something else that lies behind what your eyes tell you."

What that thing is, is up to you to decide. That's the Zen experience.

In this way, we truly begin to see.

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20% of the purchase price for each print is donated to the Unified Buddhist Church, Plum Village, Blue Cliff and Deer Park Monasteries and other Buddhist charities and spiritual centers.

Enjoy the journey.





 No Coming No Going Zen Ocean Zen Brush
 The Treasure Within Zen Leaf, Zen Circle