Zen Brush

Zen Brush is not as much about painting as it is about life itself. You will find paintings here to be sure. Some may astound you. In fact there are 6 galleries

You will also find Zen art supplies, wearable Zen, unique Buddha Boards, as well as articles, books and even free prints.

But the real goal of Zen Brush is to introduce you ... to you. Let these paintings be a doorway to your inner life. Think of them as visual Koans.

Should you want to travel further, you can attend a Zen Brush Workshop, learn the powerful art of Zen Meditation or unleash your Inner Voice with Zen Coaching.

The best art is the art of living a truly authentic, loving and joyful life. May the paintings you find here help unlock the true treasures that lie deep within, just waiting for the right key. This is my deepest wish for you.

And if you want to buy a few paintings or t-shirts, who am I to argue with such discriminating taste?

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Enjoy. Discover. Awaken.

Yours in Zen,




The Gateless Gate